Project #1- The Wall

We bought our house from a man who had bought the house from the previous owner with the sole purpose of flipping it. The house hadn’t been lived in for at least ten eyars and was on the verge of falling into the street (according to our neighbors). So the man we bought this beauty from really did a lot of work to make the house liveable again. However, there definitely were major things that Jacob and I had to address immediately. For one, the front right corner of our house had a pylon supporting it- but all they did was dig out part of the hill and didn’t put the pylon in deep enough by a long shot. Essentially- our house was standing on rickety feet and we had to do something to stabilize that corner or we’d risk sliding down the hill! So, first order of business: build a retaining wall!

Forestville 010

my grandpa’s tractor in our driveway

With the generous help of my grandpa (who used to ahve a drilling business and still owns all the equipment for it), my future father-in-law, and one of my grandpa’s tenants, we built this:

the wall

the wall

2013-01-02 16.00.38

another wall shot

This, however, is only the beginning. Starting in the summer, my grandpa and the gang are coming back and finishing the wall, having it retain the entire front side of the hill that was dug out without thought to create a giant concrete driveway. With the completion of this wall, we will not only have a secure house and hill, but we will also be able to get rid of a very scary part of our house- the dreaded ramp.

2013-04-27 07.47.45

the ramp

This section of retaining wall was our first major house project, but we’ve started many more (and even finished one or two!). Most of what we’ve done so far is purely structural- in essence, a lot of retaining walls. So be prepared for a lot of bricks and dirt in the coming posts!


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