Current Projects- Part 1

Right now Jacob and I are working on two projects. The first one is what we (mostly Jacob and his pop, actually) are focusing more on. What is the current project? That’s right- more walls! This wall is the biggest one we’ve made by far- and will consist of around 700 bricks by the time we are done with it! The purpose of the wall? Again, mostly structural.

2013-04-06 07.44.39

after digging out all that dirt

2013-04-07 07.48.07

first bricks being laid

Forestville 009

the wall under the house

The posts underneath the back part of our house are rotting away and coming into direct contact with the ground (NOT okay) and so we need to replace every one. Part of how we are replacing one row of the posts is by taking out the old ones, building this wall underneath the house, and when putting in the new posts, bolting them to the wall for added structural stability! An added benefit of this wall is that now we will have a clear outdoor pathway between different parts of our house without risking decapitation or just a nasty bruise on the forehead.

2013-05-06 07.40.33

what my dad and I did this weekend- supporting our bedroom!

But this is only the part of the wall underneath the house. This wall will (and is starting to) continue on either side of the back of our house and will be about 6 ft tall or so when done. These walls will give us flat space (something we currently don’t have the luxury of in our yard) and a place for ur future puppies to run around (we will be getting puppies this summer if we finish this project in time) and a place for us to be able to comfortably hang out at outside.

2013-04-29 10.26.40

the wall out from underneath the house will eventually be 6 ft tall!


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