The Roof is Done! (happened a while ago…)

We have been getting A LOT done lately- but I have been way too busy to catch up on everything we have accomplished! So this post will be all about our ROOF! Perfect timing, considering it is starting to rain as we speak and having a roof is super important for not getting wet.

It’s official- our roof is done and it is beautiful!

it always seems like I'm not working- but I'm the only one who will take pictures!

it always seems like I’m not working- but I’m the only one who will take pictures!

looks pretty much done, put we just placed shingles on the very top to make sure the exposed part of the roof doesn't get wet so we can work right away on Saturday morning


Next weekend will be a halfway break weekend. Jacob will finish up the last bit of the roof stuff we have to do on Saturday (I have class AGAIN next weekend in Davis) and on Sunday Jacob and I will work on putting more siding up to try and make the laundry room water-tight.

Another thing we got done regarding the roof/ceiling: my dad sistered the roof joists in the original bedroom. Why did he do this? Three of the original joists had a giant crack in it and causing the roof to dip.

Just a tidbit to leave you with, a photo of how the previous owner re-did the roof. Yes, when we bought this house it had been completely re-roofed just months before. Take a look at the job they did.

Two word: pretty scary.

Two words: pretty scary.


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