Jacob and I (as well as our dads) have  accomplished a TON this past month. The biggest thing? We have walls around our ENTIRE master suite! Words cannot express how happy Jacob and I are about this- it’s amazing! While we still have a lot to do (build interior walls, take out a wall, put in a header, and the list goes on…), but man oh man it feels great to have this done.

a view of the whole space from the laundry room- all walled in!

a view of the whole space from the laundry room- all walled in!

our future bathroom

our future bathroom

Another big thing that has been happening is all the electrical work that Randy has been doing in the future laundry room. We now have lights in our laundry room! And something that is also AWESOME about he laundry room is that Jacob, now plumber-man, successfully got cold and hot water running and we have laundry again! We had spent the previous month or so doing our laundry at my parents’ house so this is something pretty freaking exciting as well!

the laundry room

the laundry room

I got a lot done too- I finished the demo on our old “master” bathroom a couple weekends back!

our old "master" bath

our old “master” bath

Next weekend Jacob and I are going to focus on two things (Randy will continue working on electrical stuff)- we are going to hopefully pick out a pretty header for our bedroom (it is going to be an exposed beam so we want it to look nice) AND we are going to start putting gravel down on the side yard. After these past couple of weeks of rain on and off our dirt has officially turned to mud and out dogs are making a mess of themselves and out floors. Hopefully putting down that gravel will at least do some damage control!


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