The Flat Space

Jacob and I have a beautiful 1/3 acre surrounding our house. There are redwoods, pines, cedars, and even an apple tree. One thing this 1/3 acre didn’t come with? Flat Space. Yup, our house is on a pretty steep hill so flat space was pretty much nonexistent on the property before we came along. But now we have an official Flat Spot! It is a great little area for the puppies to run around, for us to sit and have an after-construction work drink, for Jacob and his Pop to smoke a cigar- it basically rocks. And this past weekend we made it even more official by laying out weed cloth and putting down a nice, thick layer of base rock so it wouldn’t turn into a mud pit in the next batch of rain that may or may not come.

Our wonderful Flat Space

Our wonderful Flat Spot

Isn’t it beautiful? We sure think it is.

Next steps- we need to pick out the gravel that will go on top of the base rock and then lay it down. Then hopefully the boys (our dogs) won’t be able to dig it all up! But that will have to wait a week or two- we’ve got family in town and are going to relax a bit and spend some time enjoying the Holiday season!

PS Another thing we did last weekend? We felled a pine tree- didn’t go EXACTLY smoothly, but hey- we didn’t break anything 🙂

it hit our roof, but no biggie!

it hit our roof, but no biggie!


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