Little by Little

Last weekend was a SUPER productive weekend, although it may not seem so walking into our back master suite area. So what big little things got done? My dad measured, cut, and installed little box frames (there is a carpentry term for it but the name eludes me at the moment) for our bathroom vent and the eventual bath faucet that will fill the tub from the ceiling.

for the bath faucet

for the bath faucet

for the bathroom vent

for the bathroom vent

framing for the pocket door

framing for the pocket door

This aspect was super big and important to get in not only because we need it, but because it is a time-consuming and precise procedure. Because we have a slanted roof, and the boxes need to be level for the vent and the faucet to work, a lot of precise angles had to be figured and cuts to be made. These two things also had to be installed before Randy could continue and finish wiring in the bathroom because the fan has to be hooked up as well. Another thing my dad made besides those boxes was he finished the framing for our pocket door that we’ll install a little later (we need to paint it first and have no idea what color our walls are going to be so we have to hold off until we make that decision).

Another big thing that got done but is not clearly visible is that we now have electricity in what will be our master bedroom! Randy is getting super close to be done with all of the electrical work in the back area and that is very exciting!

So what did I do all weekend if the dads were doing big little things? Here’s a picture:

my grandpa's trailer filled with our debris

my grandpa’s trailer filled with our debris

Yup. Last weekend my grandpa lent us his trailer and I spent ALL day Saturday filling that thing up.  Jacob had to work on Saturday so I literally loaded every single thing in that trailer up- and rigged the old siding to give the trailer added height. This was a HUGE accomplishment because we have had a big pile of construction debris on our driveway and our hill for months and it was getting to be a little ridiculous.

Okay- I lied a little bit. I loaded ALMOST everything. Jacob had to help me load the big glass panes because carrying them down the ramp by myself would not only be impossible due to the weight of those big glass doors- but also very dangerous for just one person to be handling glass of that size while walking down a ramp that is slowly being filled with dirt.

Wait. Back up. Our ramp is slowly being taken over by dirt?! you may be asking. Yup, it is. Jacob and I have also been hard at work excavating the part of the hill right outside our laundry room to make it another flat spot. So all the dirt we are digging out is being dumped down the hill and because there is now SO MUCH dirt, it is starting to pile up, push against the ramp, and creep onto where we walk. It’s kinda scary because all that weight could undermine the structure of the ramp. But hey, if that ramp goes earlier than we plan (we are currently planning to demolish it in May or June) I won’t be sad or sorry at all. I’ve wanted that thing gone since the day we moved in!

part of the hill slowly being flattened

part of the hill slowly being flattened

the dirt is taking over

the dirt is taking over

So what’s next? Today my dad and I are going to start building the final walls of this project- the closet walls. These will be tricky because we have to (or really, my dad has to) deal with the sloping roof and that makes building a wall perpendicular to the ceiling a bit of a pain. Also, our closet is going to have a slightly funky shape because we have to angle one of the corners so that we have room to move around our washer and dryer on the laundry room side of that space. Because of this, my dad is going to have to figure out the angle he needs to be cutting the top plate (the 2×4 that runs on the top of the wall attached to the ceiling) going at a 45 degree angle on a sloped roof. Once these walls are up though- no more walls to build! That will be exciting.

The rest of the crew (Jacob and Randy) will be working on other necessary aspects of the master suite. Jacob is going to start running the plumbing for hte bathroom and Randy is going to continue finishing up the wiring and installing the bathroom vent. Lots to do but we are getting there!


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