Project #2- Another Wall

I just discovered this post I never posted! Here’s a look back at something we did back in the winter of 2013:


I warned you- there are lots of walls going on in order to fix up our house (and make it more structurally sound), and here is a look at the second one we made! This wall is located in our basement/workshop area (that will eventually be made into a real part of the house) and helps make the support structure of the whole house stronger.

Forestville 005

the wall coming together

Jacob and his pop did a lot of the work on the brick part of the wall. While I was in there digging and hacking away at the compacted dirt with a pick axe, most of what you see in the picture below is mainly the work of them.

In the next photo, though, there is a wooden component of the wall (the cripple wall to tie into the structure of the house) and that is all me and my dad! My dad was a carpenter before I was born and when I was tiny- so this project was all his. He taught me how to do a mud sill, tricks and tips on where to put what in my carpentry belt (yes- I have a carpentry belt! Again, thanks to my dad!), and to build an actual wall! It was a ton of fun, but I definitely was slow to start. By the end of the first day (it was a 1 1/2 day project) I could even drive in nails without missing repeatedly! I loved learning about carpentry and spending that time with my dad- definitely a highlight of the journey thus far.

2013-04-07 10.39.37

the cripple wall

So what will happen next with this wall is that we are going to insulate, put up drywall and build in cubbies and shelves throughout for added storage space (something we have very little of at the moment). All in all though, this wall is done in terms of its structural component because it is now helping support the house! Yay!


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