Shut down.

Well shoot. Monday evening upon arriving at home Jacob and I found this little sign tacked on our retaining wall:



Yup. We were bad. And we were busted. We didn’t get a permit. But we thought had a good reason- promise! When Jacob and I bought the house we knew there had been some shady stuff going on in terms of lack of permits. However, we did not know just how much and exactly what we were getting into. So when we went to do all this work, we were afraid to get a permit. We were worried we’d have to pay all these penalties on all the un-permitted work that was done before we got there and knew we couldn’t afford the potential slew of fines that could come our way. So we did what we thought was best. We began fixing what we could and doing it to code- just without the actual permits.

Even though this is a terrible situation that will definitely halt our progress on the house (because believe me- we are getting everything permitted from here on out), Jacob and I actually feel slightly relieved. Both he and I have always worried about if we were discovered, so it’s kind of nice having it out in the open. Obviously it’s not the perfect timing- with us being SO CLOSE to finishing the retaining wall and all… but hey, it could be worse. The inspector guy was very friendly and thus far seems to be very forgiving as well. There are steps we will have to take in order to fix all this, but we know what we need to do.

It may be a while before another post goes out- but as soon as we can get started again we will.


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