Big News

It has been quite a while since I’ve given any updates- and it’s not for lack of working! Jacob and I have been very busy bees, what with working to pay the bills Monday-Friday, working on the house Saturday-Sunday (and sprinkling in a friend’s wedding here or there- everyone’s getting married!!). So now I’ve made myself make some time for catching everyone up.

Biggest news- the red tag is GONE! We are now 100% legal with the county and couldn’t be happier to have that all over with. It took us just over a year (and who knows how much money… just kidding- I definitely know how much money) to get it all worked out, but it’s over now! 


Here is a little recap of everything we had to do in order to become legit (with a picture if I have one!):

  • Build top retaining wall.


  • Finish bottom wall (see above-kind of covered in dirt…).
  • Get soils engineer to do topographical survey and test soil for the engineered plans.
  • Get engineered plans for retaining walls.
  • Get rid of 30+ yards of clay soil from retaining wall excavation.


  • Draw plans for laundry room. (thanks dad!)
  • Tear out section of drywall in the laundry room for plumbing vent to go through roof.


  • Install self-closing door hinge. (This one only took about 10 minutes- but still had to do it!)
  • Label electrical panel in laundry room. (again, minor but necessary)
  • Install landing outside of laundry room to code.


  • Fix electrical issue in laundry.
  • Change out some sweeps in laundry room plumbing.
  • Probably a million other little things that I am currently forgetting.

Needless to say, it was a lot of work. Luckily, we didn’t have to go it alone. A while back we invited the whole gang to celebrate- we made killer pulled pork sandwiches and drank delicious local wine!

unnamed (1)unnamed

unnamed (3)

Thanks again family!



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