Office Space

One of the first things that Jacob and I did when we moved into our house was build a GIANT desk built in underneath our bay windows in our office.


the wrap-around desk

Well… that’s gone now (I demolished it a few months ago) and we are going in a new direction for that space upstairs next to our bedroom! It will still be an office, but with a larger focus on hanging out and a desk big enough for us tucked in a corner.We are super excited for our vision- a big wrap-around bench underneath the windows (where the desk used to be) with a coffee table and two comfy chairs across with views of the trees. In the meantime, check out what we’ve done so far:


all gone


no more trim


down to the studs


you can see in the background we’ve put in headers for the windows (oops Carl… yet another piece of code you didn’t adhere to!) This is when we discovered that the post my dad is looking at was just pressure fit… yup, no nails, no screws, no nothing (and this is holding up our roof…)


rigid foam insulation going in!


our ceiling was insulated, but due to the fact that there was no vapor barrier installed it was riddled with black mold. Needless to say, we took that out.

The next big step in the remodel of the office was fixing the supports for the roof. When our friend Carl build this room, he used 2x3s 24″ on center (supposed to be 2x6s 16″ on center). So that means major sagging due to a lack of support. We decided to install a big, beautiful reclaimed wood beam along the roof ridge and then put in 2x4s 16″ on center tying in to the beam. We are doing 2x4s rather than 2x6s so that we have enough room to leave as much of the beam exposed as possible.


my dad and Jacob getting the beam in that will hold our roof up properly (and of course our project manager Totoro on duty and underfoot)


and it’s in!


we don’t mess around- look at those hangers!

Now that the beam is in, our next steps are to put in the new joists and then insulate the ceiling. From there, we will drywall everything (hiring someone for the mud part of it) and then get to work on the wrap-around bench. After that, it’s painting and then installing the wood flooring continuing from the bedroom into the office!

Besides it becoming an awesome room, there is another super cool thing that will happen as a result of finishing this project- we are going to refinance. Our house is worth a lot more than it was when we bought at the bottom of the market, and we want to pull some money out so that we can do some major projects (like a deck, siding, and double-paned windows). That’ll be super excting!


One thought on “Office Space

  1. Wow!! This is going way faster than I thought and will be a great addition to your hang-out possibilities during cold Forestville winters!! Will that little corner space be a closet? Can’t wait for the day when you’ve uncovered and repaired the very last bit of Carl idiocy. 🙂

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