A Year in Review

It may be a cliche, but as the year comes to an end I’ve been thinking a lot about what Jacob and I (with the help of our family) have accomplished this past year. It’s been more focused on house accomplishments, but other pretty amazing things have happened this year outside our fixer-upper. SO without further ado, here are some of the Lopez Family of Forestville highlights:

First project of 2015- painting our kitchen!

First project of 2015- painting our kitchen


we demo’d the downstairs bathroom….


but haven’t quite finished it yet…


my dad painted our laundry and bed/bath upstairs


and built a landing for the laundry entry


we built two retaining walls with the help of my grandpa…


and got the red tag off!

But the biggest accomplishment of all in 2015 was that our family expanded by two baby nieces! Meet our little cuties (if you haven’t done so already!)


March 2015 brought us baby Harper Gabele!


and December 2015 brought us Indigo Gonzalez!

All in all, a fabulously amazing year! Here’s to hoping 2016 will bring more awesomeness, family time and house progress 🙂


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