Let There Be Light!

Jacob and I have gotten a lot done in the past couple of weeks in our office (with the help of my dad and a couple of our awesome friends!), but by far the most exciting thing we accomplished was getting the recessed lights into our office!

Now why is that so great? Because now we can walk up the stairs at night with light to show us our way! We have spent over a year walking through our office and up and down our stairs in the dark of the morning and night, with a lot of tripping (well.. I did a lot of tripping). But no more! Quite awesome.

But before we got the lights in, there was a lot of work that had to get done:

  • insulate ceiling and put in junction boxes (not to mention running all the wire)

the beginnings of the insulation process


Jacob putting in a box over our stairwell- I was freaking out just a tad during these moments

  • put in the switches and make the 3-way switch work (where you can turn the lights on and off with two different switches- which is really tricky)

before running wire and getting a switch in the downstairs, we had to do some demo first (outta the way, Totes!)


I am the demo master! Cool tidbit- I found newspapers from 1987 being used as shims in those windows you see… oh Carl you never cease to amaze me)


I found this little beauty (NOT- very scary and dangerous and not to code) when I opened up that wall tucked in the insulation


downstairs switch IN!


upstairs dimmer switch IN! it only took us three times rewiring it to get it all to work (well Jacob did the rewiring, but I was the second set of eyes to look at the wonky wiring diagram)

  • putting up the drywall on the ceiling (thank you Jacob,m dad, and Larry! I wasn’t part of the ceiling drywall crew this time- whew!)

bedroom side of the ceiling


patio side of the ceiling

We’ve still got a ways to go in terms of drywall, but the most difficult part is over- those giant 4′ X 8′ sheets are up on the ceiling! Next up, the walls. We are going to try and get as much done as possible this coming three day weekend (although my sister, husband and their two beautiful children- i.e. my niece and nephew!- are coming to visit so there will be lots of family time too). Either way, we’re getting there!



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