Cement and Gypsum

While this weekend was a 3-day weekend for Jacob and I and you’d THINK we’d get a lot done… well, we had better things to do!


My sister, her husband and her kiddos came to visit!

Yup, we spent most of our weekend being the happiest tio and tia around- but we did manage to get some stuff done! Jacob actually spent most of Saturday (until 1am to be exact) forming and pouring (cement, one mason jar at a time) the walls of our soon-to-be wine cellar!


pre work


I helped insulate but that’s about it


forms in!


there’s Jacob pouring one mason jar at a time- he did this for all 26 bags of cement


all done! well, the walls are done at least

If that isn’t enough, my dad and I were hard at work today, after the family from down south headed back to LA, hanging more drywall.


we finished the ceiling


on both sides


and did a huge chunk of the biggest wall

What was Jacob doing while all of this was going on? Stacking wood on a rare clear day! So we can have cozy fires all week long 🙂

Hopefully next weekend we’ll get a whole lot more drywall up so we can start moving onto flooring adventures!


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