White Walls

This weekend was unlike the last- no out of town family to hang out with so we got down to business. My dad came Saturday and helped me out with drywall while Jacob worked on more electrical things we forgot to do earlier in the office!


my dad putting up the drywall I just cut


funky ceiling requiring many special cuts


all done!


Jacob wired in those two junction boxes on either side of the windows for eventual sconces


it’s dark and kind of hard to see, but he also wired in another junction box thing for where our wired-in smoke detector will be for the office

Today (Sunday) it was just Jacob and I, but we continued to kick butt. We bought and brought 5 more sets of drywall up our crazy stairs, around our house and into the office (they come in 2-packs and are ridiculously heavy), put drywall up in the stairwell, and have more drywall left for working on things during the week.




after… bye bye windows!


before (with Mr. Underfoot himself helping out)



All in all, a very productive weekend! This week and next weekend (depending on the weather), we hope finish up all the drywall we can and tear out the old sliding glass door, install a new door and put up siding (again- we can’t tear a hole in our house if it’s pouring down rain, but we are hopeful!).


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