Back to It

Two weekends ago we got nothing done- we spent a long weekend in LA visiting my niece and nephew (hence no work done and no blog post!). The weekend was great (except for getting the Noro virus and being sick for days- luckily that was post-Disneyland thought!), but Jacob and I were happy to get back home and spend this past week and weekend working on the house.

Luckily we had a three-day weekend so we got SO MUCH DONE! We have been extremely motivated lately to get this office done and we made a ton of progress. Pn Saturday Jacob built a wall and I continued doing drywall, this time on the mini walls Jacob built during the week.


mini wall in the office, making a more distinct separation between the office upstairs and the kitchen downstairs


All drywalled!


some 2x4s for a mini wall here to be drywalled


The awesome wall Jacob built all by himself (with electrical and conduit run because this room will be our future living room and this wall will have our TV on it).

The bulk of the progress was made Sunday and Monday. On Sunday my dad came over and worked on the window bench while Jacob and I tackled other areas (me on drywall and he started doing OSB on the stairs. (Jacob’s dad came over too to work on a different project- more on that and a blog post to come!)


what I spent most of my day doing (of course Totoro is there to inspect my progress)


Jacob’s handiwork on the stairs (what he actually spent the majority of his time doing was carrying all 16 sheets of OSB from the truck in our driveway and up all of our stairs in order to even get started on this- exhausting!)


my dad hard at work framing out our wrap-around window benches

Monday was just Jacob and I and we got to work on laying the OSB in the office. We had to do two layers in order to be able to match the level of the floor in our bedroom once the hardwood goes in. It was actually easier that we thought! Before that though, I had yet more drywall to do (in the bench area) and Jacob did some work making our entryway area safer.


What I was able to wrap is officially wrapped! Need to finish the middle section up next weekend once my dad is done in there.


yay for railings! thanks babe 🙂


because it’s a long drop

Now to the OSB…


the first few sheets are in!


all done


another view


the bay area


and a shot from the stairs

Why such the intense push? Jacob and I are refinancing our house and an appraiser is going to be coming next week (ah!) and we wanted to make sure the house was as put together as possible before they came. We’re getting there.


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