Simply Awesome


The office is finally (mostly) done! Jacob painted everything (the walls, the ceiling, the stairwell) and then a little over a month ago we tackled the flooring.

Wait.. over a MONTH ago? Why didn’t I immediately write up a blog out of sheer joy of accomplishing this? I wrote up this post almost three weeks ago… but apparently forgot to publish it! So here it is.

Paint Stage


First, the amazing paint job that Jacob did (he took a whole day off of work to start the process, and then painted after he got home from work the rest of the week to finish!)


the bay area all painted


the wall to our deck and the little half wall, all done


the wall to our bedroom (and you can see the beginnings of the flooring process…!)


Now for laying in the hardwood


first several rows down!


where we stopped on Saturday to get some shuteye


the view from our bedroom at 6 the next morning when we got started again!




done! (and Totoro approves)


done! And see those sconces all bright up there? While I was finishing up the floor, Jacob was busy being electrician getting these guys to work. (The first one he put in, the circuit shorted because there was a nick in a wire and it took a long time to figure al that out- the rest was smooth sailing though!)


a view from our bedroom before heading to bed Sunday night… so beautiful! so awesome!

So why is it not totally done? Here’s a To-Do List we still need to complete:

  • trim out the doors
  • trim out the windows (however, this won’t happen for a very long time- not until we reside and replace the windows)
  • finish the bench bookshelf
  • finish the bench seating
  • make the custom bench cushions
  • build bookshelf in corner of half-wall near stairs
  • and finally, furnish the darn room

While the list looks long, it’s nothing we can’t handle and we will hopefully finish everything (except the window part) in the next month. Either way, the bulk of the work is done and we are so happy to be done with the hard stuff.



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