The Wine Cellar

This has been a project long on my father-in-law’s mind, and a generous present from him! He actually finished this up a few weeks ago, but many crazy things are going on in our lives right now (more to come on that later) and I am just getting to putting this all together right now.

A while back, Jacob spent almost and entire day and night straight getting the bare bones of this wine cellar together- making the molds for the concrete, mixing and then finally pouring the concrete (one mason jar at a time). I did a post about this a few months ago- but here’s another quick look at those working conditions…


Jacob getting ready to pour his mason jars into the mold

What all that hard work and the skeleton of the cellar looks like:

After that all set up, it was time for Mr. Randy Lopez (aka father-in-law aka Pop) to come in and do his thing. It turned out awesome!


The doors (eventually will be painted, have a handle and locking mechanism)


Open the doors and you see insulation. The redwood in front is what you hold onto and it takes the whole sheet of insulating foam out with it!


Beautiful custom-cut redwood wine cellar with enough room for 192 bottles!!


We thought we’d get pretty far with what looked like a TON of wine…


But as you can see, we aren’t quite at capacity yet….

Thanks again Randy/Pop for this fabulous wine cellar! It may be the most extravagant addition to our house yet! (Well… besides the soaker tub with the faucet coming from the ceiling….!)


One thought on “The Wine Cellar

  1. 1. Don’t show any body workers that first pic of Jacob’s curved spine.
    2. Excellent workmanship on the doors!!
    3. Love how the insulation looks like a window, at least in your pic!
    4. Better put a lock on the door now that everyone knows what’s in there! 🙂

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