The Bench (Part I)

One of the many to-do items to check off our list for the office to be completely wrapped up is the most prominent feature in the room- our wrap-around bench.

I’d like to say that I had a big hand in this project- but I really didn’t! That was my dad’s doing. Neither Jacob or I even thought of the idea in the first place for that matter! Nope- it was an idea that popped into the head of one of our friends when her and her husband (then fiance) came to our house and we showed them the space. So from her head straight to my dad’s hands.


just a reminder of what used to be there….


now look at it! beautiful!


a close-up of how my dad crafted the openings for storage space


the little holes to stick your fingers in for easy lifting


my dad working on the built-in bookshelf (I think this part may have actually been my idea…)


the finished interior of the bookshelf

There’s still a lot to do, including trimming out the bookshelf, but we are waiting until we do the window trim to do all the trimmings in one go-round.

So what did I do? Pretty much hold things for my dad, stand around, and take pictures of the process. However, to be fair to myself, my part is yet to come. My job is to cut the custom bench cushions to go on top and then figure out the fabric to use to finish it all off (unfortunately I have no idea how to sew, so the actual creation of the cushion covers will be done by the skilled hands of my mother-in-law!). Once that’s done, this will be by far my favorite room in the whole house.


2 thoughts on “The Bench (Part I)

  1. Visions of Baby Peppercorn rearranging the contents of your new bookshelf sometime in the year 2017. tee hee……. 🙂

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