So Many Things

…have been happening here at the Lopez household! Among end-of-school-year-madness, refinancing, demo-ing, building, and living in general, the biggest thing by far is the fact that Jacob and I are expecting our first baby!


So, I apologize for the length in time between posts- but I cannot guarantee my timing will get any better as I head into my 3rd trimester and after that A BABY! I will do my best.

There’s a whole bunch that’s been happening at our house. Here’s a little recap:

  • WE GOT HEAT!!!!!!!!!! We now have central heat/air in our house, meaning baby Lopez and I will not have to spend all winter stoking a fire! Which then led us to…
  • remove our downstairs wood stove (and I demo-ed the rest of it out, opening up our living room)

all that was left was a beam… but not for long!


this room has funky floors now, but is so much more open and airy!

  • Jacob built a new storage closet for our water heater (with the help from his dad, who provided electrical services, help, and advice)- just a few feet from its original location, but placed so that the heated water goes straight to our bathroom… meaning I have successfully taken a hot bath in our fabulous, previously neglected, bath soaker tub. Pretty much the best thing ever.

the new water heater home… still needs to be sided and a door put in, but the hard work (concrete pad, electrical, plumbing, framing….) is done!

  • Jacob, my dad, and I (me barely helping- my growing belly makes helping by lifting things very difficult for me…), so pretty much my dad and Jacob residing the back of our house.

time for…

IMG_1811 (1)



My dad had to basically rebuild this whole back wall… it was built with 2x3s (should be 2x4s) and the corner of our house was being held up entirely by a single 2×3. Scary stuff.

IMG_1813 (1)

Right now there is no door, but that is only because the door we ordered came in damaged so we had to reorder! The framing is all in for a door to go there as soon as it comes in 🙂


the inside view… not super pretty to look at, but all we need is some insulation and drywall!

  • we refinanced (giving us a small sum of money to help us pay a contractor to redo our siding and the framing of a deck… all being started mid-July- SO EXCITING!)

(no pictures yet… start date is Jul 18, so more info/picture to follow)

We’ve been busy. But it’s been great. Especially knowing that soon our little girl is going to be here to enjoy it all with us 🙂


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