Taking Sides: Part 1

What I should really say is “Taking on the Siding”- because that is just what our contractor has started doing this week! Yup, you read that right… Jacob and I actually hired someone to do work on our house. There are four sections of siding that we needed to get done (2 of which are pretty treacherous and the other two- well, we have a baby due in 6 weeks and this stuff just needs to get done), and our guy Steve got started on Monday with side #1.

Check it out:

Field Lane House 007

back when we first got the house


trim starts coming off


End of Day 1: it has to look worse before it gets better!


End of Day 2: framing done


End of Day 3: new siding starts to appear- and we’ve got new windows!


End of Day 4: almost there… just a little more at the peak of the roof! (Steve is going to trim everything out at the end to give Jacob a chance to do touch-up paint work)

While the outside was going through dramatic changes- there was a lot going on inside too!


our wall of windows (covered by the curtains)


now a big hole!


framing for the windows and wall are in


and now we’ve got windows! with a beautiful view of our bay tree

As for the front room- some changes in there too!


tons of tiny windows


now just a wall (or will be one soon!)

Next week, Steve is going to finish up this side and then get started on the front! So exciting 🙂


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