Fencing Revisit

About a month ago now my father-in-law made some trips up to our house to continue working on a project he had started a while back- fencing! Over a year ago Randy had completed all the fences, along with a gate, on one side of our house where we created our initial flat spot. Unfortunately, because we had created the flat spot and the dirt hadn’t settled, one of the fence segments ended up getting messed up and he decided to tear it out and start again.


The very top fence section is what needed to be replaced


redone and no longer falling over!

On the other side of our house is another flat spot, which up until now has had a chicken-wire fence (very attractive, I know!). However, as part of the fixing of the other side, Randy built us a fence on this flat spot too!


Totoro and Nessie (a lovely little black lab we got to babysit!) looking out on the spot where the fence is starting to go in


starting to look like something…


two panels done!


fence is done! Jacob is now digging a hole to plant climbing star jasmine


another shot of the completed fence

It is so nice sitting out there now looking through a beautiful redwood fence rather than the old chicken-wire one I had put up last summer. I am especially looking forward to when the climbing star jasmine starts taking over the wire and we have a beautiful living fence! Thanks Randy, soon-to-be Poppa of our little one, for all of your help!!


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