Taking Sides: Part 2

More siding updates… yes! Check out the progress we (and by we, I mean Steve our contractor) made:


Day 5: siding ALL DONE on this side- see the peak part? That siding wasn’t there before! Trim still needs to happen, but that’s at the end.

These past two weeks Steve’s focus has been on the front of our house. After finishing the siding on the east side of our house, he got started on the front!


what the front of the siding looked like before he siding project started


Day 5 of the project: decks coming down!


Day 6: rest of front deck gone!


Day 6: another view of deck demolition, from the front door


Day 7: old (rotten) siding is off and framing of the windows has begun!


Day 7: the corner of our house is looking pretty darn funky, but soon these last two sliders in our house will be GONE!


Day 8: The framing is all done and the bottom is wrapped!


Day 8: A view of the new framing from inside


Day 9: new siding is up on the bottom portion of the front! (and the windows installed!)


Day 10: all of the old, leaky, double-paned windows from the top portion of the front of the house are out!


Day 11: down from five to four windows up top- and all the same size now!


Day 11: what the windows look like from the inside


Day 11: the window that will not longer be


Day 11: the other two windows- and hey, they’ve got headers like they’re supposed to!


Day 12: So close to be doing!


Day 13: Steve came by on Saturday to finish up the front… so great!


Day 13: THE FRONT IS DONE! (except trim of course)

Now you may be noticing that there are 4 windows up top and only three down below. The original plan was to have four and four- however Steve discovered that where we wanted the last window at the bottom was exactly where one of our electrical panels was- so we had to nix that window! Our plan to make it look less weird is to plant a tree there so it won’t be so noticeable. You may also notice how much of a boring rectangle our house looks to be- we know and we’re working on ideas to make it less so…



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