Taking Sides: Part 3

Progress has been a little slower lately at the Lopez household, but things are still coming along! Steve got started on and finished the 3rd side of our house! He is going to be doing four sides total, however the last part (the bay pop-out where our office is) can’t be done until our deck is built! Check out side 3:


demo just starting


Day 14: demo has begun! and our front door is now floating in midair 🙂


Day 15: old slider gone and framing in!


Day 16: slider removed and almost all wrapped and ready for new siding!


Day 17: new windows in and Steve is almost done with the siding!


all done!

So what’s next? Steve is going to finish the trim on all three sides after we get a foundation wall in (more on that to come), get the framing for our deck done (woohoo!!!), and then, after we lay the decking on the deck, Steve will finish up the siding job by replacing the siding and windows in our upstairs pop-out portion of our office (see above).



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