Maya’s Future Bedroom

When Jacob and I bought our house, it was listed as a 1 bedroom and that’s exactly what it was. Jacob and I made that one bedroom into our office and turned the back room area into a bedroom. And unless we redo our whole septic system, our house will have to remain, technically at least, a 1-bedroom house. However, according out our county’s code, a bedroom is technically a room with a built-in closet. So what do we do when we have a kid? We make a room, of course! We just don’t put in a closet.

What was to become Maya’s future bedroom originally was a deck, but a previous owner enclosed it, making it a strange, skinny room at the front of our house. So we took on part of it, built a wall with an opening for a door, and we had something started! Jacob’s dad, now known as Poppa, came and helped me finish the drywall Jacob and I had put up.


the original portion of the front room to be made into a bedroom




ceiling boards, drywall up and taping done


a look at the doorway


all mudded up


paint- check!


flooring, check!

After finishing the drywall and painting, we laid down the hardwood and furnished the new bedroom! While it is eventually going to be Maya’s, we have made it into a guestroom for now. So if anyone wants to come visit do some wine tasting, we’ve got a room and a comfy bed all ready to go.



While the room is all furnished now, we still aren’t quite done with it. We still need to trim everything out, but at least it’s usable space now. The finishing touches will come eventually, for now we have bigger fish to fry (i.e. tearing out a wall and putting in an 1`8-foot i-beam header in our living room….).



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