The Path of the Beam

Ever since Jacob and I bought our house over four years ago (has it really been that long?), we’ve had this crazy fantasy of blowing out one of our walls in our living room and opening it up to the front room (previously a deck). This would not only give our house more of an open concept, but it would allow us to essentially gain a bunch of square footage because the front room just became a place to store things in, not to actually live in.


the wall, partially demo’s (couldn’t find a totally before picture)

Well last weekend that fantasy became reality! We’ve had the gigantic (18-feet, 200+ lb.) I-beam sitting on our driveway, and then in our living room (thank you Larry, Grant, Dad, and Sheona’s cousin fresh from Scotland for bringing it up the stairs and into the house), for a little over a month. But now, thanks to my dad (THANK YOU!) and Jacob, the wall is gone and the beam is IN!


demo almost done


old wall gone, both cripple walls up, and tghe beam is ready to start its ascent!


Maya helps raise the beam


ta da!!!

There’s still a lot to do in order to make this space livable, but man does it feel good to have that wall gone!


2 thoughts on “The Path of the Beam

  1. Incredible work and a great addition to your future living space!! So wonderful to imagine gatherings of family and friends in this spot. Maya will be crawling and walking around here before you know it!!

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